Tips to Turn Casino Bonus into Real Money

Many casinos or gaming sites offer free spins and bonus offers, sometimes called welcome packages. The main idea behind them is to encourage customers to continue playing and spend their real money. They usually include generous cash prizes. Here is an article to turn casino bonuses into real money.

Check the Bonus Percentage and the Maximum Amount

Look for a minimum wager of €10 per spin. Commonly, you need to make at least this many bets to be eligible to win the bonus funds. On top of that, check the bonus per cent. There should not be any hidden terms like ‘x% match up to Y$ or something similar. Look for the exact number, which shows how generous the casino is with its bonuses. You can also play several rounds of the game to test your luck before claiming the prize. This way, you will avoid disappointment when it comes to making your final deposit.

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Watch Out for the Small Print

You have to remember that most of these promos are targeted at new players who haven’t yet made a full deposit on a certain site. Thus, they want to lure players into signing up so that they can transfer all their loyalty points from one service to another. That’s why bonus providers often try to hide small fine print near the bottom of the screen. When you sign up through such a link, you automatically become a new customer, regardless of whether you wanted to join the website. Make sure you read everything carefully before clicking ‘I accept!

View the Terms and Conditions Regarding the Use of Bonus Money

These are the rules by which you have to abide to claim your winnings. Some may require playthrough periods while others state that only the first deposit might count towards the wagering requirement. Check each term and condition to ensure that you understand what exactly you’re getting yourself into. If you don’t, then there’s no point in taking advantage of such an offer since you might end up losing more than you ever intended to.

Read the Withdrawal Policy

It is very important to look for the details on the page that states how withdrawals are processed. Most casinos will allow some time after the withdrawal request has been submitted. But most online casinos give their clients 24 hours as the window for processing the transaction. After that, you’ll receive either a confirmation email indicating whether the transaction went smoothly or a message stating that the requested withdrawal was rejected.

 For instance, Betway Casino allows users to withdraw up to $30 every two weeks without having to meet any kind of wagering requirements. Once the initial deposit has been cleared, the player will need to cover the withdrawal with at least 10 times his/her initial deposit. Furthermore, the company suggests that players opt for bank wire transfers instead of e-wallets.

 Wire cards usually take three to five business days to clear. E-wallets however could take anywhere between one and four working days. In general, the process takes about seven working days to complete even though the exact timeframe depends on the specific situation.

To What Extent Do the Games Contribute to the Wagering Requirements

Some sites might ask you to set the number of your deposits to qualify for a progressive jackpot. For instance, Betfair Casino requires users to place 15 different bets of £5 maximum before being allowed to enter a particular slot. The same goes for the slots where the progressives are based. They must be played through at least 30 times before the next tier begins. A lot of people believe that this can ruin a fun gambling experience. Instead, they prefer playing for real money so that they can win big prizes. 

However, if you wish to participate in a slot tournament, please make sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions before signing up. Even though the chances of winning aren’t high, you still stand a chance of becoming a millionaire if you manage to hit it lucky.

Don’t be a Bonus Abuser

The last thing that you want to happen is finding out that the casino you signed up with is using bonuses as an excuse to overcharge you. To avoid falling victim to such scams, check out the terms and conditions thoroughly. This way, you won’t find yourself locked into something that you didn’t initially agree to. All casinos indeed offer promotional offers. 

Some will even ask you to provide your PayPal account information which makes it easier for them to automatically transfer funds from the customer’s account into theirs. In case you are looking forward to depositing via credit card; make sure that the site accepts Mastercard. There are quite a several reasons why players would choose PayPal over other payment options. These include its transparency, ease of use, fast transactions, and best of all, no chargebacks. If there’s anything that we have learned throughout our research, it is that only a few companies ensure full security when providing services online.

In conclusion, these are the top tips to turn bonuses into real money.