Things to Keep in Mind Before Claiming any Casino Bonus

When it comes to casino bonuses, they come in three different types: free bets, extra cash, and matched deposits. Free bets are simply a wager placed on a particular game. Extra cash is usually offered only once or twice per month. Matched deposit means depositing the same amount on multiple accounts and receiving the sum deposited multiplied by the number of accounts.

Casino Bonus Restrictions

One thing that sets certain casinos aside from others is their restrictions about which games you can play with a bonus. The most common restriction is wagering requirements. Wagering requirements typically set a minimum bet for each wager before your winnings count toward your wagering requirement, so you will have to make more than one bet with this type of bonus. Other restrictions may include maximum wagers allowed per day, maximum losses permitted before any withdrawals, the length of time you can use your bonus funds (typically 30 days) and whether your bonus can be withdrawn at all.


Withdrawal Limits

The withdrawal limit is a set amount of money you receive when withdrawing from your account. Some companies offer a lower withdrawal limit than other countries, while some countries allow unlimited withdrawals. If the withdrawal limit gets reached before the end of the term, the company reserves the right not to give you access to your funds. Sometimes, companies will suspend your account until you meet the maximum payment limit. Many players get caught up in these limits because they aren’t aware of them, but the biggest reason for them is to prevent users from abusing their services.

Rollover Requirements

Every online casino has certain rules regarding how much you need to roll over before you can withdraw your funds. Typically, rolling over requires an additional 25% of your total value. You need to deposit at least $10-$25 to initiate a new round of betting and rollover, otherwise, you will lose your entire balance. There are also no rollovers available during weekends and public holidays.

Shady Terms and Conditions

When using a bonus, lookout for some of the following terms and conditions:


  • All games must be played through the provider
  • Only single bets count towards the wagering requirements
  • Winnings don’t affect the wagering requirements whatsoever

These are some things to keep in mind if you want to avoid being scammed by shady operators.


Why Casino Bonuses Aren’t That Bad

If you’re asking yourself why you should consider getting a casino bonus instead of just depositing money into your account, it’s safe to say that there are many reasons. First, the chances of winning are greater with bonuses compared to regular deposits. A study performed by BGO Gaming found that people who used bonuses were 3 times as likely to strike gold.

Second, you always have the chance to claim your money back if you choose to walk away from the table. Some providers offer 100% matching bonuses. This gives you a lot more confidence knowing that you won’t lose everything you spent for nothing.

Benefits of No Deposit Mobile Casino Bonuses

No deposit mobile casino bonuses are very similar to the real-money ones. However, the difference lies in the wagering requirements. With no deposit bonuses, there is a higher chance of hitting jackpot. Most companies offer 300%, 450% or 600% bonuses on top of your free spins. These high odds mean that you have better chances of scoring big. The following are the benefits of no deposit mobile casino bonuses:


Unlike traditional bank accounts, casino bonuses give you full flexibility. Even though you received some free spins, you could still decide to cashout for another game or even try out something else. As long as you stick to what a particular slot allows you to do, you might find some interesting twists that wouldn’t happen with standard bonuses. For example, you might be able to spin around and see a view outside the machine. Maybe you can even take a selfie!

Extended Playtime

Flexibility is one of the main benefits of no deposit mobile casino bonuses, but they also come with other perks like extended playtime, multiple re-deposit opportunities and extra winnings, among others. These options greatly increase the level of freedom you have. Not only does this let you maximize your potential payout, but it also lets you enjoy each playthrough longer too.

Lower Level of Risk

If you look closely at the risks involved when playing slots, it becomes clear that most of them don’t apply to mobile gaming. Unlike traditional casinos, there is none of the risks of losing all your money due to a technical glitch or server crash. So, the likelihood of getting lucky isn’t quite as high. As such, you can relax and reap all the benefits without having to worry about the possibility of losing everything.

In conclusion, these are some of the things you should know when claiming any casino bonus.